La Grande Dégustation de Montréal wishes to be a sustainable and socially responsible event.

Exhibitors who offers sustainable products for tasting and for sale on the fair are indicated with a green logo. Our objective is to encourage producers who offer such products and allow visitors to make sustainable choices.

We work with the Écho-Logique Consortium to collect glass bottles on the fair, and with the local company Re-Plast which recycles coroplast-made decors and banners into urban furniture. Corks are collected by ReCork, who produces objects from recycled cork (yoga blocs, soles). Recycling and compost bins are also available to visitors on the fair.

Place Bonaventure complies with the BOMA BESt Level 3 Ecology Certification. The place offers bikes and a hybrid cars parking spots to visitors, and it is also easily accessible by public transport.

We opt for reusable, recyclable or rental supplies and furniture. The vast majority of our suppliers are local (from Quebec). The SAQ, co-presenter of the event, offers glass wine glasses to visitors, which are reusable and recyclable. Also, in the last years we have worked to replace our printed publications (ex. Visitors’Handbook) by electronic tools (website, mobile app) in order to reduce our paper consumption.

Our long-term partner Educ’alcool is a non-profit organization which mission is to invite Quebeckers to have a moderate and responsible behavior with alcohol. We give this partner significant visibility in our communications, in our documentation and during the event.

Finally, Point Zéro 8 offers to all visitors a designated driver service (free up to 40 $) and breath-test machines are available on the fair.

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