La Grande Dégustation de Montréal awards its Prix hommage every year to a famous figure of the wine, beer and spirit industry, who, thanks to an extraordinary career, has cultivated enthusiasm for wine among Quebeckers.


The candidate selection is carried out by a committee composed of wine industry specialists. The award ceremony takes place during La Grande Dégustation de Montréal at Place Bonaventure.

PRIX HOMMAGE 2018: Nicole Barrette-Ryan

Nicole Barrette-Ryan, lauréate du Prix Hommage 2018 de LGDM (25-09-2017)

PRIX HOMMAGE 2017: Michel Phaneuf

Michel Phaneuf, lauréat 2017 du Prix Hommage de LGDM (21-09-2017)

PRIX HOMMAGE 2016: Champlain Charest

Champlain Charest reçoit le Prix hommage de LGDM 2016 (21-09-2016)

PRIX HOMMAGE 2015: Jacques Benoit

LGDM remet son premier Prix hommage à Jacques Benoit (5-10-2015)
Video shown at the 2015 award ceremony for Jacques Benoit

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