Every year, La Grande Dégustation de Montréal highlights inspiring themes, which allow visitors to learn about a wine region, a wine variety and a featured product. 

2020 themes
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2019 themes
Portugal is a country where the notion of ‘art of living’ truly comes into its own—whether through the mythical charm of Lisbon, the territory’s marvellous regions or its Atlantic coastlines. It is also the host country and main theme for this year’s ninth edition of La Grande Dégustation de Montréal. Known for its exceptional wines, Portugal is all about variety: from port to Vinho Verde, rosé to red blends, indigenous varieties to fine wines. These coexist in perfect harmony with the country’s brilliant gastronomy revolving around grilled fish and meats.

The authenticity, pride and strength that define such exceptional products are the reflection of a land that is vibrant, generous and rich in colour. This great tradition is cradled in the mountains and valleys of illustrious regions, where world-class wines come to life. In collaboration with its partner Wines of Portugal, representing the wine industry of Portugal, La Grande Dégustation de Montréal will welcome over 50 Portuguese producers.

This year, 87 producers will propose eco-friendly products—that’s one third of all the participating producers. Also, several activities will allow visitors to learn more about organic farming and the various certifications pertaining to production methodology and quality. And as every year, green pictograms will allow visitors onsite to identify which producers foster sustainable practices. Not only will glass, cork and several set-up materials be recycled during the event, initiatives will also be developed in order to reduce the event’s carbon footprint. This approach is perfectly aligned with the sustainable development targets set by the SAQ as an event partner.

In the world of spirits, whisky has enjoyed great success in recent years, appealing to spirits enthusiasts seeking to travel the world through their taste buds and dive into the rich history of this legendary liquor. Through its evolution have spread knowledge and expertise, along with a range of tastes and colours, from Scotland all the way to Japan. Whether its whisky, scotch, bourbon or rye, literature and cinema have often starred characters with a particular affection for this cereal-based distilled beverage. This year's edition of La Grande Dégustation de Montréal will offer the opportunity to learn more about this ever-changing world, whether for tasting or mixing cocktails.

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